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Yi’an or T’ai-an, Heilongjiang, China is a town on the former -Koshen railway about 100km west of Bei'an, in Yi'an County .

Yabuli Ski Resort

Yabuli Ski Resort is largest ski resort. It is southeast from Harbin. It is located in the northern province of Heilongjiang. Yabuli hosted the 1996 Winter Asian Games and the . It will also be a site for the 2009 Winter Universiade.

Wuchang, Heilongjiang

Wuchang is a city in Harbin, Heilongjiang province of the People's Republic of China.

The name "Wuchang" was used from 1855, because at that time people began to reclaim wasteland, and built five noble lodges. In 1969,assistance-banner official established Wuchang Fort. It was changed to Wuchang Bureau in 1882, and changed to Wuchang Mansion in 1909. In 1913, Wuchang County was set up, and changed to Wuchang Town in 1993.

The area of Wuchang is 7,512 km?, and it has 0.99 million population.


Wuchang is a half-mountain town, its ground slops from southeast to northwest. Wuchang rises over 450 metres above sea level and Zhangguangcai Ling twists toward the southeast,many hills appear in different layers,such as Laoye Ling and Eagle South Mountain. In northwest, Songnen Plain is the main agriculture area because of its flat ground.

Lalin River and Mangnu River run across Wuchang Town, they provider amount of water for agriculture.

The average temperature is 3.5 Celsius. January--the coldest month is about 19.1 Celsius below zero. July--the hottest month is about 22.4 Celsius. The annual precipitation is 625 mm, frost-free season is 124 days and the sun hours are 2,576.

Economic situation

Wuchang has so many advantages to develop agriculture, such as loamy soil, abundant water, and suitable weather. So grain includes rice, corn, soybean, sorghum, cereal and wheat. It also grow such industrial crops as beet and tobacco.


Pingfang , today a district in the outskirts of Harbin, China , Pingfang was the headquarters of the Japanese Biological Warfare Unit 731 during the and World War II. It had an airport, railway and dungeons. Most of Pingfang was burnt by the Japanese to destroy evidence but the incinerator where the remains of victims were burnt remains and is still in use as part of a factory.
Pingfang is an industrial center of Harbin now. Hafei , Dongan , and Northeast Light Alloy Processing Plant are the three major manufactors there.

Nangang District, Harbin

Nangang District is the largest and most populated district in Harbin, China. It is home to major offices of the provincial government and is the political heart of Heilongjiang province. Other areas of interest within the district are the Harbin Railway Station, Guomao underground shopping street, Confucius Temple and Jile Temple. A new subway system is also being built currently.

Nangang district is also famous by the business area around the"hongbo" square, there are several shopping centers such as "Qiulin" corporate, "Harbin No.1 shopping center" corporate, "Yuanda" shopping center. Normally the central part of Nangang district includes the areas of "Harbin Institute of Technology", "Northern Theater", "Hongbo" square, and "No.1 Hospital of Harbin Medical University".

There are also many famous streets in Nangang District, such as Tieling Street, Anshan Street, Longjiang Street, Jilin Street, Ashihe Street, etc.

Nangang district also has many excellent schools, such as Tieling primary school, No.69 middle school, No.3 high school, and so on.


Mishan is a Chinese city in the province of Heilongjiang.


Early medieval history

From 698 to 936, the kingdom of Balhae occupied northern Korea and parts of Manchuria and Primorsky Krai, consisting of the Nanai, the Udege, and descendants of the Tungus-speaking people and the people of the recently fallen Goguryeo kingdom of Korea. The vicinity of Tongjiang was settled at this moment by Funie Mohe tribes . These tribes were submitted to Balhae Kingdom under King 's reign .

Later, King , administrated their territories by creating a prefecture in the neighbourhood : The Dongpyong Prefecture with Yiju , present-day Dangbi as its administrative centre.

List of prisons in Heilongjiang

This is a list of prisons within Heilongjiang province of the People's Republic of China.

* A'cheng Prison
* Bei'an Prison
* Bijiashan Prison
* Daqing Prison
* Dedu Prison
* Dongfeng Prison
* Fenghuangshan Prison
* Fujin Prison
* Fula'erji Prison
* Hadagang Prison
* Harbin Prison
* Hegang Prison
* Heihe Prison
* Huashan Prison
* Hulan Prison
* Jiamusi Prison
* Jixi Prison
* Kedong Prison
* Keshan Prison
* Laolai Prison
* Li Prison
* Lianjiangkou Prison
* Liusan Prison
* Mudanjiang Prison
* Provincial Women's Prison
* Qiqihar Prison
* Qitaihe Prison
* Shangzhi Prison
* Songbin Prison
* Suihua Prison
* Tailai Prison
* Tonghe Prison
* Wudalianchi Prison
* Wutonghe Prison
* Xianglan Prison
* Xinjian Prison
* Xinzhao Prison
* Prison
* Yuquan Prison

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